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One of our services in the area of logistics is the customs clearance of consignments in the procedure proposed by the declarant. Customs clearance is carried out electronically, using the latest technology. We are prepared to guarantee the customs debt up to several million Czech crowns, for example in the case of importation of technical units. This service is provided to you by a team of experienced declarants, who also regularly provide a consultancy service.

Customs procedures

  • Unrestricted circulation
    • we issue an import JSD [customs declaration], DCH [customs value declaration], we provide a customs guarantee, and deal with the customs office
  • Export
    • we issue a JSD, EUR.1, CMR [a contract for the road carriage of goods] and deal with the customs office
    • from February 1, 2007, export procedures are carried out using the new electronic application “E-export”
  • Transit
    • we issue a T1 document, arrange the customs guarantee and deal with the customs office
    • we fill In TIR [vehicle goods transport] and ATA [export of goods which are exempt from duties and taxes] carnets

  • Economic procedures
    • o we issue a JSD, we manage the records of sent and received consignments, we arrange the customs guarantee, and deal with the customs office


Another service we offer is the management of the statistical records of the flow of goods which you have purchased or sold within the EU. The management of the statistical records is compulsory when the stipulated assimilated thresholds of the volume of goods traded with EU countries are exceeded, purchase (receipt), sale (sending).

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