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The company Václav Šlemr - Slemr Spedition, with its main business activities in the field of

  • forwarding
  • logistics

realises well that success on the market depends not only on the volume of demand but also on the quality of performance and customer satisfaction.

The company Václav Šlemr - Slemr Spedition therefore declares the following basic principles of its quality assertion policy:

  • Our customer is the main evaluator of the quality of our activities. By having implemented a Quality Assurance System according to ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001, we provide a reasonable assurance for our customer that results of our activities shall have required quality level.
  • Our objective is to meet both agreed and unspecified requirements of our customers on the quality of our services.
  • In all our activities, we create conditions for strict observation of appropriate legal regulations, work safety rules and health and environment protection provisions.
  • Our goal is to achieve a high standing in the area of our business activities.
  • The Company provides necessary support to ensure the operation of all processes, their evaluation, monitoring and analysing with the aim to achieve planned results and continuous improvement.
  • The Company takes care about optimum provision and exploitation of necessary resources.
  • Each staff member is responsible for the results of his/her work. Active approach and high quality performance at all levels in the Company is the guarantee of good quality of our services.
  • The quality contributes to the goodwill of the Company and represents a precondition for the prosperity of the Company. To enhance the quality we will realise active and effective investments in the upgrading of our equipment/facilities and implementation of newest processes/techniques.
  • High attention is given to further education and training as our employees are one of the main factors influencing quality. All employees are encouraged and motivated to enhance the quality. Continuous training, improvement of knowledge and skill are the best means for quality enhancement.

To achieve the above mentioned strategic intentions with prospective character, it is necessary to define specific goals/objectives for the fulfilment of the Quality Assertion Policy in the forthcoming period.

At Chřibská, on 1. 2. 2006

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