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Oversize transport is transport where the overall parameters of the loaded vehicle exceed a weight of 40 tonnes, a length of 16.5 m, a width of 2.55 m or a height of 4 m. We offer a wide spectrum of quality services in the transport of heavy and oversize loads, where we use our employees' extensive experience with this type of transport.

For any logistical requirement, we can prepare the most price- and time-effective variety of transport. We gain customers mainly thanks to our high-quality comprehensive services, and proper conduct.

Oversize transport services offered

  • transport of heavy and oversize loads within the Czech Republic, and throughout Europe
  • full containers, and individual consignments
  • plant and animal products
  • products and materials for light and heavy industry
  • oversize consignments, technological units

The benefits of oversize transport with Slemr Spedition

  • transport throughout Europe
  • modern technology
  • continuous online monitoring
  • cargo safety

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