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Rail transport

The company Slemr Spedition offers, among others, rail transport services. The actual rail transport of goods can be combined with road transport. This so-called combined transport can lead to reduced costs.

We offer a wide spectrum of quality services in the transport of heavy and oversize loads, where we use our employees' extensive experience with this type of transport.

We prefer customer satisfaction, and the ability to offer a first-class, and highly professional, comprehensive service.

The benefits of rail transport

  • unlimited transport on Sundays and public holidays
  • discounts on road taxes of up to 100%
  • large transport volumes, with a smaller number of prime movers and drivers

Combined rail transport

With combined transport, the goods are transported in just one form of transport, or a road vehicle. The main part of the route is by rail, by inland waterway, or by sea, without the goods themselves being handled, whereby the initial collection or the final part (the delivery) usually takes place by road.

Combined rail transport can be divided into two transport systems:

  • unaccompanied combined transport, i.e. transport carried out with large containers, trailers and replaceable structures
  • accompanied combined transport (so-called Ro-La transport), i.e. the transport of road vehicles (including the crew) on sets of special low-floor rail cars

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