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Road transport

Road transport

We provide both international and domestic road transport of loaded vehicles, as well as individual consignments. We can offer transport as part of a logistics chain which includes grouping and separating consignments, packing, storage, customs clearance etc.

We offer export and import road transport throughout Europe, and on other continents. In connection with road transport, we also provide other types of domestic and international transport – air, sea and rail.

Road transport of all types of commodities is ensured by :

  • standard design canvas trailer sets, 100 m3 mega trailers and large-volume jumbo 120 m3 trailers
  • box-shaped trailer sets – isothermal and freezer trailers
  • cisterns, for transporting powder and liquid materials
  • special trailers for transporting containers (20", 40" and 45" High Cube)
  • special tipping trailers
  • trailers with a movable floor (walking floor)
  • special trailers for transporting glass, rolls of paper and metal coils
  • solo vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes, up to 6 tonnes and up to 8 tonnes

Slemr Spedition road transport - benefits

  • flexibility, and operating flexibility
  • speed
  • the option of tracking the consignment, from receipt to delivery
  • the option of connecting with other types of domestic and international transport
  • variability
  • “Just in Time“ delivery

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