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The logistics services provided by Slemr Spedition include storage, and related activities. We store goods in modern warehouse premises, near motorways. The warehouses are equipped with rack systems which enable the storage of various sizes of pallet consignments.

Modern storage

Record keeping in the warehouses is carried our electronically, with the help of pallet addresses marked with bar-codes. The warehouses include ramps for the loading and unloading of small vehicle trailers. The warehouses are heated with hot air units. Security is electronic, with non-stop 24-hour surveillance.

The consignment may of course be monitored while it is being transported, in the form of regular reports about the movement of the consignment, the number of which depends on the length of the journey (usually 2-3), or by sending a query to our control room, whether electronically or over the phone.

We will adapt to your requirements

The activities we carry out, besides regular storage, are very variable and adapted to the customer's needs. They include assembling consignments, separating consignments, packing, labelling, and other activities according to the wishes of the depositor of the goods. Warehouse operations are arranged in two shifts, so we are able to operatively react to actual demands in a very short time. Goods are handled with forklift trucks and retraks.

The service connected to the storage of goods is cross-docking. With cross-docking, we cover the entire Czech Republic. We arrange the distribution of any volume of goods, from small delivery vehicles to sets of trailers. The frequency of distribution is within 24 hours, in the time stipulated by the customer. The goods are transported to a specific location directly from the warehouse, without any interim storage or reloading.

We are prepared to satisfy our customer even when they require the transport of small individual consignments to destinations abroad, anywhere in Europe. We cover some routes, e.g. Germany, with our own vehicles; others are covered by our sub-contractors. Even if the goods are being transported by one of our sub-contractors, our company still guarantees the service, and we accept all responsibility from receipt of the consignment to delivery to the customer. Both the receipt and the delivery of the consignment take place at previously agreed guaranteed times.

Distribution warehouse terminals in the Czech Republic:

  • Prague
  • Brno
  • Ostrava
  • Plzeň

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